I am working as an Amsterdam based editor and creative director for 12 years now.
In 2014 I co-founded Spark Trailers, the first trailer company in The Netherlands. After becoming the markt leader quickly we teamed up with London agency Intermission Film and became Intermission Film Amsterdam in 2016.
Early 2018 I decided to continue as freelance film and trailer editor. This way I have the possibility to work on different types of projects besides trailers like series, features, documentaries, short films and commercials.
Due to my experience with ‘dissecting’ more than hundred feature films I know how to make a story come to life.

Interview with NRC, May 2016: ‘Je hebt twee minuten’ (in Dutch)
Interview with Frank News, April 2016: ‘Filmmarketing: een duik in de wereld van de filmtrailer’ (in Dutch)
Interview with CineSud, July 2017: ‘Goede trailer, Slechte trailer’ (in Dutch)
Interview with NU.nl, August 2019: ‘Let op dit verhaal over filmtrailers kan spoilers bevatten’ (in Dutch)